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Axial Internal Tools

Axial’s sales and customer support staff needed to be able to have a high level overview of customer accounts and performance of customer investment mandates, called “campaigns.” This proposed solution combined the specific use cases that comprised five existing disparate tools or sections of the Axial staff admin tools, and streamlined the discovery process. By gathering feedback…


Axial Deal & Campaign Summaries

Two of the fundamental business objects on Axial are “deals”, which are the representation of a sell-side company’s intent to be acquired or to raise capital in the form of equity or debt, and “campaigns” which represent a buy-side investor, advisor or acquirer’s focus criteria. Deal summaries, sometimes referred to as “teasers” present all the high level criteria…


Axial Company Dashboards

Brief: In order to maximize their return on investment, Axial encourages its members to monitor their ongoing campaigns’ performance, and to network with other Members on the platform and engage through profile views & searches. To help customers gain better visibility into their team and individual activity on the platform, we developed company dashboards around…


Axial iOS App

Brief: Design and prototype an MVP mobile app for Axial subscribers to manage their inbound deal leads through Axial, review and evaluate deal information, indicate interest, and contact the deal’s representative through Axial’s messaging system or directly via phone. Click the iPhone to see prototype video Client: Axial My Role: Art Direction, UX Direction UI Design Direction Year: 2015