Axial Internal Tools

Axial’s sales and customer support staff needed to be able to have a high level overview of customer accounts and performance of customer investment mandates, called “campaigns.” This proposed solution combined the specific use cases that comprised five existing disparate tools or sections of the Axial staff admin tools, and streamlined the discovery process. By gathering feedback from internal staff across all of the tools they use to service their accounts, I designed an internal multi-leveled and filterable interface to display all relevant information we have about matches in the system, that would take full advantage of staff’s large screen real estate and ability to quickly jump across accounts to verify data. The overall architecture and UI components of the page also would extend to other existing admin screens such as company and user licenses and messaging.

Nicknamed “God Mode” a staff user can identify a specific account, and then view the deals on the network that match either all or individual campaigns. With all of the filter inputs for campaigns available, a staff member can identify areas of the campaign that can be optimized to receive more deal matches, or identify specific deals on the network that the customer may have overlooked. It was also important to reveal any insights into the underlying matching algorithm and identify why specific deals may or may not have matched in the system.

Aspects of this tool have been built and delivered, but the full experience is still a forward looking vision.