Axial Deal & Campaign Summaries

Two of the fundamental business objects on Axial are “deals”, which are the representation of a sell-side company’s intent to be acquired or to raise capital in the form of equity or debt, and “campaigns” which represent a buy-side investor, advisor or acquirer’s focus criteria. Deal summaries, sometimes referred to as “teasers” present all the high level criteria of the business as well as contextual information for the interested party, and are 5x the most visited and viewed pages on Axial.

Our goal with the redesign of both of these pages was both a visual refresh and better presentation of hierarchical information, and to unify the general template of both to be more consistent. After observing customer behavior on existing pages, and speaking with customers and internal stakeholders, we also identified a few key features to add to deal summaries. Surfacing more context to the buy-side recipient about why the deal matched one of their particular campaigns was the highest priority. We also wanted to reveal any interaction and communication history with the deal’s representative, add ability to take internal notes on the deal, and clarify the next step or action on the deal in the right context.

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