Axial Company Dashboards

Brief: In order to maximize their return on investment, Axial encourages its members to monitor their ongoing campaigns’ performance, and to network with other Members on the platform and engage through profile views & searches. To help customers gain better visibility into their team and individual activity on the platform, we developed company dashboards around to surface this activity vs network benchmarks over 30, 60, and 90 day periods

  • Networking activity includes outbound messages to other members, searches, posted announcements, and times they appeared to others in search results and on Axial’s NewsFeed.
  • Deal flow activity includes aggregated and individual metrics from the top of the funnel down compared to network averages
  • Overall trends in supply and demand of deals for each of the top-level sectors

In addition to the full dashboard features, we also added metrics from the dashboards to appropriate places elsewhere in the application.

Client: Axial
My Role: UX, UI, Interaction Design, Data Visualization
Year: 2015