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Bloomberg.com Watchlist

Brief: Design an interface for Bloomberg.com users to add stocks, currencies, commodities or any other financial asset tracked on Bloomberg.com to a watchlist and track its change over time. Optionally, users could also enter a quantity of shares and purchase price to track basic gains and losses. The watchlist was also integrated with Bloomberg’s mobile apps…


Bloomberg.com Editorial

Brief: Develop extendable templates for multiple new editorial sections and introduce new content formats as the website evolves. Each new content vertical was launched to increase audience and engagement and attract advertisers. In designing sections to meet a complex array of stakeholder and product requirements, the design needed to complement the evolving styles and aesthetic of the…


Bloomberg.com Market Data

Brief: Redesign Bloomberg.com’s expansive market data sections and market quote pages to update the visual design and layout to meet current style guides and designs, and to add new data points, functionality and features for users. Leveraging studies of traffic activity on the most popular sections with data gathered from several user interaction studies, the new designs merged…