I am a New York based graphic designer, and would love to work with you.

I have always been passionate about design. From an early age, I always knew I wanted to do something artistic. I craved organization and color in things I experienced. I was drawn to type and letter forms. I found myself picking up products or objects based on an attention-getting design, color, format, or hint. When I’m shopping, If I’m not already convinced on a brand, I’ll buy the product with the most thought-provoking packaging, or I remember the witty ad campaign I saw on TV, rewound, and watched a second time just to marvel in its execution or creativity. I critique type on the movie screen – much to my friends’ amusement.

After completing my BFA in Graphic Design at the University of Georgia in 2005, I joined a new and growing local ad firm. Here I honed my skills for design communication and worked directly with other designers, programmers, marketing experts, copywriters, account experts, and I was lucky to be personally and directly involved with the clients on their projects. I enjoy selling the prospect and the idea of what a good design or well-thought-out piece can do. I enjoy the development and creation of that idea from the whiteboard to the final piece. The biggest thrill is at the end of the day to look at something that I am proud of and have a client say “this is f*#$@!g awesome!” I learned that compromise doesn’t have to be a bad word to a designer.

I want to work on national brands. I want to work closely with new experts in all the fields related to today’s culture. I want to learn new ways to provide good, solid, intuitive or meaningful design in the ever changing new media. I want to design print pieces that don’t look dime-a-dozen. I want to design screen interfaces that are unique yet intuitive, simple yet richly layered.

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Things I love, in no particular order:

Infographics, Italian food, Bulleit & Blenheim’s with a squeeze of lime, video games, Apple products,  The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and Mad Men, Netflix streaming movies, traveling, the smell of a new car, and buffalo wings.