Hi, I'm Thomas

I live for design. The inception, development, and execution of that idea from the whiteboard to completion is what drives me in my work, and I’ve learned that the word “compromise” shouldn’t make anyone apprehensive. I believe that design is the greatest unifier and communicator in any medium.

I apply user-centered design to each stage of my design process in order to best understand the needs and expectations of the audience, and use those decisions to guide my process at each stage. Starting with research and user flows, wireframes, interactive prototypes and mockups, I iterate until i’ve produced polished visual designs that extend any brand’s style guide.

I’m currently exploring my new city and growing in my new role as a Senior Product Designer at Booking.com in Amsterdam!

Previously at Axial, I led the UX and UI direction of our product through close collaboration directly with the CEO, heads of Product, Sales, and Customer Support, our engineers, and our customers. I worked on all aspects of product-driven acquisition and on-boarding, workflows for all customer segments, product architecture, visual style-guides, front-end systems, and introduced new search, data visualization & mobile features. While at Bloomberg.com and Businessweek.com, I worked directly with product managers, editors, and developers to design web products that promote the editorial voice and provide tools for the website’s audience. From market data to content sections to internal tools, I focused on providing exceptional user interaction, ease of navigation, discoverability, and content strategy.

My career in UX grew as a result of working as an independent consultant for a multitude of clients, stemming from 5 years of experience at a boutique advertising agency where I began my career as a graphic designer. My skills for design communication and working directly involved with each clients on all types of media provided me with a well-rounded core competency.

Personally, I buy the product with the most thought-provoking packaging or best execution of color and typography. I remember the witty ad campaign I saw, then sought it out on YouTube to analyze and re-watch just to marvel in its execution or creativity. I critique poorly kerned type whenever I see it – much to my companions’ amusement. I’m always looking for a challenge, so lets get in touch.

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